Day 4: The Countdown Series

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

Day 4: What are you listening to?

Mya listens to, “Do I want to know by Arctic Monkeys.”

Albbrtrojasiv listens to, “Life in California by Ice Cube.”

Will listens to, “6 Kiss by Trippy Ride”

Logan listens to, “Passion Fruit by Drake”

Ryan said, “I’m listening to rap.”

Regina replied, “I like to listen to K-Pop.”

Tess said, “I like indie rock.”

Bree replied, ” I like pop/rock music.”

Evelyn said, “I like to listen to jazz.”

Narina said, “I like ballades, like songs with a lot of instruments in them.”

Issac replied, “I like to listen to rap – Survival Tatics.”

Frosty said, “I like Christin music”

The Review:

It’s a topic that is questioned. Music. A lot of students listen to music in between classes. This is an inside peek into their headphones, earbuds, AirPods, and so on. What type of music do you enjoy? Comment below!