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LULAC: Keeping Latin Culture Alive


LULAC is more than just a club, it’s a community. If you didn’t know, LULAC stands for “League of United Latin American Citizens.” You may recognize them from the National Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly where they gave us a dazzling performance and invited Union to learn more about their culture. According to Texas A&M University, LULAC has been around since 1929 and has helped fight for Latin American civil rights, examples include advocating for fair treatment and conditions in migrant camps and the desegregation of schools.

LULAC has a warm and welcoming aroma, at their end-of-year potluck Spanish music was blasting over enthusiastic chatter. Club member Lupe Avalon said, “We are part of a community and everyone connects in some certain way.” For example, Michelle Uwizeye had wandered into the potluck saying, “This is actually my first time here, I came because they had an Instagram post that said they were having a potluck and I was hungry. I also have friends in the club.” Michelle had commented on LULAC, from the outside looking in, LULAC comes off as a very social club, to bring people together. Vice President Caiden Mizrahi-Boyarsky commented, “LULAC is more than just representing Latinos, a lot of people say, that’s just for Latinos. But, honestly, for me, it’s a community for everyone. We have many people who have been in LULAC for multiple years of multiple ethnicities –  White, Black, Asian; and it’s honestly a community for everyone – obviously Latino based and a big group.” From the interactions the club has within itself and with its community, LULAC is filled with a lot of great people.

LULAC has an impact at Union and it makes sure of it. Their biggest event by far this year was at the assembly – but, they do much more than just that. LULAC has done a variety of social events, from movie nights to decorating the school for Hispanic Heritage Month. Lupe Avalon said that part of LULAC’s goal is to,  “do new things to bring awareness in our community.” Perla Piña the president of LULAC cemented that, after getting elected as club president this year her goal was to keep Hispanic (not just Mexican) tradition and its culture at Union. Not only this, Perla mentioned, “We want to help people who don’t feel welcome here. To feel like they are comfortable.” Similarly, Vice President Caiden Mizrahi-Boyarsky said, “We push for a lot of equity work for people who don’t speak English or help with legality and things like that. But, it’s really a community where we uplift each other and support each other.” Their impact has definitely shown. Michael Montiel who’s been in the club for a year said so far, “There’s a lot of impact for me because it made me be social with people with my ethnicity. You know some people aren’t my ethnicity, but it’s really fun to connect with them.” Like Michael, many others in the club have gained a lot by joining the club.

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Overall, LULAC deserves recognition for all their hard work and dedication to their goals of culture, community, and support. LULAC’s support and trust in each other is admirable and inspiring. Vice President Caiden Mizrahi-Boyarsky truly sums up LULAC’s values, “always help others, sometimes you get into your own head, things are stressful, my classes, work, my bills, my home, my family; but, there are so many other people out there that have much more on their plate, so, if I got it so much easier, why can’t I help someone out, whether it’s a couple bucks or a ride here and there. Always help others, it’ll help you in a lot of ways.” Caiden will most likely be taking this message to Las Vegas to represent Union at the national LULAC convention, alongside students from all over the country from June 26th to 29th. This convention is a big deal – Caiden had to submit a 500-word essay to go to this special event. Best of luck to Caiden, and keep up the inspirational work LULAC!



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