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Fall Choir Concert

Michelle Nguyen

What’s up, Titans? Did you happen to stop by Union’s choral performance last Thursday? If you didn’t, here’s a quick recap of what happened that night! 

This choir concert took place at 7 P.M at Union’s Auditorium. Many people came to watch their powerful Choir perform for them, “it was such an empowering atmosphere,” said Eli Theissen, a Tenor 1 in the Men’s choir.  The concert kicked off strong starting with the Women’s Ensemble who sang two pieces, Sing, Sing, Sing and Las Amarillas, both songs of which were sung purely in acapella. Las Amarillas means “The yellow ones.”

Michelle Nguyen

As their beautiful blended songs ended, the Union Choir’s talented pianist Lori Collier played a classical piece as the Men’s choir got up on the stage. They sang three songs starting off hardy with Hold Out Your Light, followed by The Steady Light, and ending with Joshua that had a small duet by Kaden Allington and Ethan Knerr. Afterward, the treble choir, combined treble choirs, and the select treble choir sang their five beautiful soft songs featuring soloist Reina Guinn’s rich soprano voice, and a beautifully blended trio including Payton Main, Jada Lockett, and Natalie Green. A nice addition to this concert was Mr. Vaughn’s 8th-grade choir from Pacific Middle School!

Michelle Nguyen

The choir concert ended with three powerful and unique songs sung by Union’s select concert choir which sang Animal Crackers where they imitated animals, Esto Les Digo in Spanish, and Gede Nibo which was a spiritual Haitian piece. 

That about wraps up this amazing first choir concert of the year. Be sure to watch this concert on Union High Schools Choir YouTube when it comes out! The next concert will be sometime soon in December so get ready to rock for some jolly Christmas music! 


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Jaren Edwards, Reporter
Jaren Edwards is a Freshman who attends Union High School and is a part of the class of 2027. He enjoys choir, talking with friends, and listening to music. His favorite classes are concert choir, tenor bass choir, and honors English. He has a tuxedo cat named Alice. His favorite food is a tie between California rolls and Costco cheese pizza. He likes to write because it helps get things off of his mind when he’s brainstorming and it’s fun for him to see what he comes up with. He is excited to be a part of this year's newspaper club.
Nelli Zhividze, Reporter & Photographer
Nelli Zhividze is a freshman who attends Union High School. They like to read, play guitar, listen to music, and hoard silly cat memes. Their favorite subjects in school are choir and English. They have a Scottish fold cat by the name of Grace. (Gracie-poo if you wish to be formal.) Their favorite snack is spicy popcorn and their usual fast food order is a spicy chicken sandwich. So far their favorite is Wendy's. “That's a good chicken sandwich,” as they would say. They are excited to join a community that is enthusiastic about writing, interviewing people, and photography all in one. :D (scroll down to see some cat pictures!!).

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  • E

    Elsie GarlandOct 29, 2023 at 5:38 pm

    What an excellent recap of a delightful evening. You all ROCK, Titan Singers!!!