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Halloween: Age Isn’t Just a Number

Michelle Nguyen

Every year, October rolls around, along with the sweet musk of autumn leaves, the cozy fog of evenings and mornings, and cold fall rain. But, on the 31st, the evening of Halloween brings the promise of trick-or-treating or a gathering of friends. But, in general, is there an age limit for Halloween and trick-or-treating? Several students were asked this, and here’s what they had to say.

To begin, Max Palisson replied, “It’s meant for middle schoolers and below,” and in agreement, Kenny Hammers pitched, “Yes, generally for younger kids.” However, when analyzing this, Halloween doesn’t have to just be trick-or-treating, Zia Corum supplied, “I think it’s for everyone.” Halloween has a large variety of activities, whether it’s a Halloween party, catching a movie, or eating candy until you feel a little nauseous, it’s all a good time (unless it involves puking). But, Quinn Corum specified that “Anywhere under 14 you can go trick-or-treating. But, otherwise, you’re probably too old for it. And it’s creepy to walk around at night around all these little kids and houses. It’s kinda weird.” Older kids tend to go out after the trick-or-treating for the youth ends. 

Full circle, does Halloween still have the magical spell it once held over individuals when they were younger? For instance, Toshi Jones had supplied, “I think I just don’t care as much as I once did.” This was found relatable to several others, Zia Corum vocalized, “I liked the candy more.” It’s something about getting older and losing attachment to things you once found, that’s so fascinating. Maybe instead they would find different aspects of this holiday more interesting. It’s noted that the majority so far, did find Halloween much more fun as a kid. Quinn Corum pointed out, “Most definitely, I feel like I’m not in the age group to be participating.” Which seems to be a common ground for many.

Michelle Nguyen

However, Halloween still has meaning to teens. To begin, Max Palisson smiled, “I think Halloween is pretty great.” In continuation, Zia Corum said, “My favorite part of Halloween is the dressing up part and the candy as well.” There are still many trends seen socially, culturally, and timely among the non-kids. Toshi Jones had agreed, “I like the creative threshold.” Although teens don’t typically go trick or treating, they tend to still dress up and enjoy it. So, any thoughts? Is trick-or-treating still a thing? 

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Raylen Satterwhite, Co-Editor in Chief
Raylen Satterwhite is a Junior at Union High School. She writes articles for the school newspaper and designed the Titan Tribune website. She competes in Cross Country and Golf. In addition, she spends the majority of her free time reading, staying active, and baking. She’s an action movie fan and has a love for bread and matcha lattes.

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    ZiaOct 23, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    Oh my gosh what great writing.