The Last Game: A Recap


The last game of the football season was a sentimental one. This season was filled with some hard games for the Titan football team, but the school spirit was more pronounced than ever. During the season, students sported many different spirit dress themes, which even a few players wore. The band was in full uniform, yet members wore certain colors of face paint, among other things. But, the most dressed up students were from Union’s student section, who wore different clothes based on the theme of the game. “Country Out,” “Beach Out,” “Neon,” and “Pink Out” were some of the fan favorites.

But why does the student section come to these games? Out of all the sports, like volleyball, swim, slow pitch, and more, all of these students chose to come and support the football team. Calee answered, “Because I’m friends with the football boys.” It’s good to support your friends and cheer them on during their sporting events. Susie had supplied, “So I’m out having fun, instead of being home.” Having a social outing after a long school day can be fun. Karmen had said, “My friends.” Oliva had replied, “I watch all my guy friends play and it’s fun to support.” This is true, cheers were throughout the games. Lastly, Audrey said, “To support my fellow titans!”

This brings attention to the next question. What’s the best part of football games? Calee answered, “Going out and getting food with the team after the games.” Calee enjoyed the food vendors, which a lot of people liked since they were always packed with snacks. Noodles in a cup was definitely a favorite. Olivia was more for the cheering, “I love when we get so excited for the little things.” The cheers over the smallest details can indeed make the games entertaining. Karmen said, “My friends, again, it’s just fun hanging out with them.” Audrey said, “The band.” This season the band had opted for more modern and fun tunes. During the season they’d brought back “Poison,” and added “Good 4 U” by Oliva Rodrigo, “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X, and “Take My Breath” by The Weekend. The band had a lot of music to share this season.

In relation, the band player Sullivan said, “My favorite part of the games are the long tunes. [The best thing about the band is] the community that we’ve built here. It’s all about family.” This is true: The band is incredibly tight-knit. Another band student, Ashton, said, “When they score, it makes me really happy.” In addition, he said the best part of being a part of the band was, “Just hanging out with people.” Another student, Brayden, said, “I have fun playing music.” His favorite part of the football games was apparently, “When we catch the ball and run across the field.” Alyssa said, “I like being able to watch the games, and seeing how they go.” She later stated, “My favorite part of the games are playing and seeing everyone hyped up while we play.” In addition, Ceila said, “I like that we all have such a community, we dance together and laugh together. It’s not just about good music, it’s about having fun.” Her favorite part of the games was, “Playing at half-time.”

Next, a few football players talked about this year’s experience. According to Garret, “My favorite part of the season, even though I didn’t get to play, was probably going to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, and being with the team.” His teammate, Chase said, “[My favorite part of the season was] the entire season, the brotherhood that the team has, no specific moment.” The football team is like the band: It’s a community in itself, and the team pulled together throughout the season, through thick and thin.

Even though the football team didn’t make it to the playoffs this year, they were close. So, cheer them on even more loudly next year! After all, if you win all the time, what’s the point? Victory will be sweeter after a bitter loss. So, until next season. It’s going to be a sweet one. GO TITANS!