Behind the Scenes of Totally Red


Raylen Satterwhite, Web Designer and Reporter

Totally Red had audiences “totally” hooked. The production of Totally Red was launched in the Union auditorium on the 21st of April and was presented for the following next two days. However, this production definitely took more than three days to put together. Behind the scenes, the cast had enticing theater secrets to share. 

Albbrtrojasiv who is part of the musical chorus of totally red, “Well, it’s amazing getting to perform for all the little kids. And when opening night comes you know it always impresses everyone how you’re able to do this live. Opposed to being recorded and then shown to an audience.” When asked about backstage secrets he said, “The men and women with hype each other up, the women will have the estrogen square and for the men the testosterone circle. Essentially they just both chant it. It’s a really great way to get in the mode for the game.” Basically, it’s a process of cheering from both of the locker rooms to hype each other up. The female locker room forms a square and the male locker room forms a circle. Tyler, who played the wolf for the first part of Totally Red informed,

 “My favorite part I would say is working with the amazing cast and crew and being able to put together a really great show for everyone to enjoy.” Ryan continued, “Sometimes for every show I like to add in something a little different just so each show feels more unique. For example, a way I fall making it more comedic or one of the lines I say, making it funnier or a little different.” MK, Narrator 1 in the part “Parallels of Being Miss Red”, the mellow drama in the theater production, shared,

 “[My favorite part is when] I get to be really mean, it’s kind of fun,” She smiled, “I get to push my counterpart on stage.” The theater crew is a tight-knit group of students, and they are all comfortable with each other. Ryan, who played Red in the Shakespeare version exclaimed, 

“I get to be super sassy, very cool, and I get an awesome outfit.” Ryan continued, “And I have no eyebrows. I wear a dress, a hoop skirt, and a red cape.” The outfit was classy and fun, the production was made better with its presence. The acting skills match the glittery outfit. Carleigh, the Red Riding Hood in the musical version said, 

“I love getting to wear a sparkly cape all-around stage and I like to go around. I like the dancing, I have a little waltz in there. I’m not very good at it, but it’s still very fun. 

I also like to interact with the little kids when they all come and watch us.” The kids visit the production for a field trip, and the theater crew looks forward to it each time. Cambelle, who played Narrator 1 in storybook one in the introduction and conclusion said, 

 “My favorite part of doing what I do is interacting with kids during school performances. But getting to adlib with the second narrator. Cause’ we go back and forth sometimes, we add in our own spice, we have a joke about Tesla in there, even though it’s not part of the script. It’s also really fun just being on stage with all your friends.” Brevin, who is the Stage Manager, Lighting Manager, and Lighting Designer for the show said,

 “My favorite thing is just getting to put a show together. Like, I manage all the different technical aspects of the show. Lighting, sound. So you know, just putting together programs and ques, hanging lights, focusing lights, working with microphones, and all that stuff. It’s a lot of fun for me.” When asked about getting to go on the catwalk he responded, “All the lights for each event or show we have to change where the lights are pointed at, what shape of light, stuff like that depending on where they need to be. So, a lot of stuff comes from going upstairs (the catwalk) moving the light, and all that.” Asher, a chorus member in Totally Red said,

 “[My favorite part is] probably just getting to interact with all the cast members, kinda hang out with my friends, and do something that is bigger at the same time. Also, just seeing people’s reactions while you’re on stage is super inspiring and really fun.” The theater is constantly filled with productions of acting and friendship. 

Now, the secrets of Totally Red have been shared. You know most of what goes on behind the stage. But, it makes you wonder what happens behind the scenes other school activities… Stay tuned for more!