The Sound Wave Mural


Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Designer

Down the halls of the 400 lies the Sound Wave Mural. Students passionately paint circles of all colors and sizes. The Sound Wave Mural has started a new insight into the art world. Students paint with different styles onto the walls to tell their own stories and visions. Ms. Piccolo, Union High School’s art teacher tells the story behind this masterpiece and what is to come.

Ms. Piccolo shared the thought process behind the Sound Wave Mural, “Well originally it was kind of like sound waves because we are down from the music room. So, we wanted to have something that showed a lot of movement, symbolized a lot of pitch, and rhythm and color.” The 400 art classroom is just a short walk from the band, choir, and orchestra rooms. She added, “Next year we will probably add some more to the background; the top and bottom areas and try to overlap larger circles. It’s just a way to practice some color theory and some design ideas. [To] give everybody an opportunity to contribute to a conversation, in an artistic way.” The art process can be fun to study. When asked about the theory of art she answered, “[To] have another way that goes beyond language to exercise some intellectual ideas. And to be creative, test your limits, and push yourself. And even just kind of working together in a space is really nice. In a community.” Art is something that lets people express themselves. The painting of the Sound Wave is rather extraordinary. In the sense that artists can flourish together to create a Mural that speaks their thoughts.

Next year there will be a project similar to this one. Actually, it’s going to add to this idea. Ms. Piccolo said, “So for this year’s theme students were working with a monochromatic color scheme. And after they created all of the values with that scale they could work on the complementary color and add that into their design. But a lot of this year’s design is pattern-based. Some more advanced artists did more 3 dimensional.” She continued with the next year’s plan, “But, that will be next year’s challenge. To start again with the monochromatic and grow a deeper sense of depth. So it looks more like an illusion.” Next year it will be fun to see what the art students add to the Sound Wave Mural. As said by Ms. Piccolo, “Art is bringing something into the world not yet seen.” Comment your favorite color below.