It’s Back: The Winter Formal

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

After several years, the Winter Formal returns to Union High School. It’s a grand celebration to finish off the semester. The dance had such an attendance the venue was moved into the gym from the cafeteria ahead of time. Entrees of donuts, cookies, cupcakes, sodas, and other drinks were served by the teachers, with great kindness. The dance floor was covered in a tarp as a few of the teachers became DJs. The dancing ranged from jumping to standing, and occurrences of breakdancing and so forth. The lines wrapped around the whole bottom half of the 300 halls, with flashy lights brightening the evening. Overall, there was a range of opinions on the dance.

Some people enjoyed the high attendance while others disliked it. “It was way too crowded,” Kayla stated. In truth, it was definitely a busy dance, even though it had been moved into the gym. When asked what her favorite part was, Kayla replied, “The line.”

Similarly, Zia added, “The line was very entertaining but long.” In line, lots of people talked amongst their friends in big and small groups. There were two checkpoints at the dance for tickets making the process very tedious for the people checking students in. Lots of students found the wait annoying. However, the teachers and helpers were trying their best. In the future, if more teachers and helpers aided the check-in process it could’ve been more efficient. 

On the note of change, anonymous stated, “I was surprised they kept it to one building.” This could’ve been a cool concept for decorating, placement, and more. It was a fun experience nonetheless, and it was still quite a bit of space for the entire dance.

When it came to the dance’s overall energy, Sydney said, “I liked how people collectively danced together, singing along and jumping to the same songs.”  The dance was definitely interesting in this fact, the crowd tended to have a preference for certain songs. Due to this, it became chaotic during popular songs. “It was easy to get separated from your group though,” she pointed out.

But the chaperone experience was much different. When asked about his opinion on the dance, Mr. Cavan, who works in security, said, “I don’t really have any. But I’m out here with y’all. I hope that it’s a great event, I hope you guys have fun and enjoy your time, and you guys are safe tonight!” It was a very positive remark that represented the overall energy presented by the individuals chaperoning the dance. It led to an entertaining, celebratory night. The dance left Union’s student population looking forward to future events and the upperclassmen to PROM.