Listen to Music, Help Infants in the NICU

Gail Guisinger, Co-Editor in Chief

Looking to make your Saturday night more delightful? 

Here’s the perfect opportunity: NHS’s Miss(ter) Union is hosting a charity concert to help raise funds for the Southwest PeaceHealth’s NICU, and you’re invited! 

The magic of this upcoming concert is in its variety. It will consist of 13 different ensemble groups, ranging from string ensembles with the violin, viola, cello, and bass, to a saxophone quartet, a marimba quartet, a flute duet, and more. With each ensemble playing just one selection, it’ll be fast-paced and entertaining. (Check out the concert details and program.)

Spearheading and hosting the concert is junior student Luyang Wu, a clarinetist and active member of Miss(ter) Union. He’s been working on this project since December and has spent his time organizing the performances, communicating with teachers and students, and, of course, getting permission from lots of different people. After all the prep, he said he’s nervous but excited, and is looking forward to “gazing out into the audience.”

Luyang and the rest of Miss(ter) Union are excited to showcase the music, but it’s clear that they’re also driven by their determination to make an impact and encourage more people to donate to their cause. The NICU, or neonatal intensive care unit, saves the lives of young infants every day who are born early or need intensive care for other causes.

Our Southwest PeaceHealth NICU needs funding to give the best care possible to local newborns. Showing up at the concert and donating gives you the chance to help. Are you inspired yet? Mark your calendar: 7:00 PM on Saturday, February 11th, in the 400 auditorium!