Start Your Second Semester With These Clubs


FIDM Fashion Club at the club fair

Makayla Hartin, Reporter

Union High School has many clubs. Some have been around since the start of the school in 2007, and some just started recently. Here are some clubs to consider starting off your second semester with that you might not know about yet.

FIDM Fashion Club
Interested in fashion? Meet in room 113 on the first Thursday of every month to share, discuss and explore the many areas of creative fashion, design, and art. A primary goal of the club is to introduce people to fashion and the industry. The club leaders also want to teach members how to involve their interest in fashion with today’s society and use it to help others. The Fashion Club’s meetings always start out with a bit of sketching. Then, when there is a good amount of people, and they establish what they will be doing for the day, they start whatever activity they are working on, and then they will just hang out, play music, and socialize.

Pacific Islander Club
This club meets in room 405 Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Have fun learning about and celebrating Pacific Islander identities.

Christian Student Union
The Christian Student Union, also known as CSU, is a place for Christian students to unite, share their faith journey, and build relationships. As you may know, their meetings are during second lunch on Thursdays. However, they also meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 AM. The morning meeting is meant to be more like a bible study. The lunch group is working on ways to positively impact the school community through acts of kindness. The lunch group also has pizza provided by a local church so don’t worry if you do not have food with you!

Voters of Tomorrow
Voters of Tomorrow meets every other Wednesday in room 402, from 3:15 to 3:45 PM. The club helps organize voter registration drives for students/staff, provide education on local issues, and spread awareness of current political events. In their meetings, they typically go over their goals, like what they want to get accomplished next in the club. Their goal is getting people to vote regardless of political belief. Ayden came up with the idea after seeing that in the last election only 36 percent of people voted in Clark County. She wanted to make sure Union students felt like they had a voice in local office.

Whether you are a freshmen or a senior, shy or outgoing, it’s never to late to join a club. So start your semester out right by participating in your community and learning new things.