Day 2: The Countdown Series

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

Question: What is some advice for students going into your grade?

Chanel a freshman said, “Don’t act like you run the school, because you don’t. And don’t trust anyone because everyone is not your friend.”

Emily a junior answered, “My advice is to join all the clubs and do all the sports that you can. Because it’s a good opportunity to make friends and it’s just a fun time.”

Maia a freshman said, “Don’t be stupid in the halls. Because a lot of people were yelling in the halls at the beginning of the year and it was annoying.”

Leo a sophomore mentioned, “Don’t leave things ’til the last second.”

Alexis a junior stated, “Don’t wait last minute. Don’t wait last minute to do your work. Make sure you’re on time to classes and make sure you have a good year.”

Kay Wallingford

Ahmiya a sophomore said, “My advice for incoming sophomores is to try to make good connections with teachers. Because it makes the year a lot more fun.” She continued, “Also don’t procrastinate on your homework.”

Sage a junior mentioned, “Don’t procrastinate on homework. Make sure to take good classes and interact with other grades than your own.”

Caoimhe a freshman replied, “Just be yourself and don’t change for other people.”

Raven a sophomore said, “Probably if you’re taking APs turn your work in on time.” Raven stressed, “And also don’t slack off because the AP test will come and you’re going to be really screwed if you don’t know what’s going on.”

Marin a sophomore answered, “I say that they need to just do their work before it’s due so it doesn’t pile up.”

The Review:

Many students mention getting work done being important. It seems this is important to students at Union High School. Also, some mention sports, clubs, and self-values. There are a lot of good takeaways from this article. Comment your favorite takeaway below.