Day 3: The Countdown Series

Day 3: The Countdown Series

Raylen Satterwhite, Web Designer and Reporter

Question: What do you think about the unexpected weather this year?

Mars said, “I’ve gotten used to it, it’s what you expect.”

Sydney said, “I think it needs a therapist for its double face. It’s so annoying.”

Denessa commented, “It’s irritating.”

Adrian said, “My thoughts are, I don’t know, it’s not that serious. But, it’s kinda serious because it’s summer. I want it to be hot. But it’s cold.”

Mr. Alice said, “I like the variety, it’s a nice change of pace.”

Aiyanah  said, “I don’t care for it.”

Logan mentioned, “Conley* thinks it’s my fault.” He stressed, “I just moved here.”

Will said, “I like it because I like the sun but I don’t like the rain. And I don’t like how unexpected it is.”

Aleks commented, “I’m not that upset about it. But, I’m upset that it’s really warm all of the sudden. I really like the cold.”

Kia said, “The weather is very annoying. ‘Cause of how it changes every week, every day. Like one day it’s sunny [and] the other day it’s rainy. Washington weather is not good.”

*Mr. Conley is a teacher at Union.

The Review:

The weather right now is quite cold considering summer break is on the horizon. However, some students want the cold and rainy weather. As summer advances we look to see a swift shift into some sunny weather. This school year has been filled with some unpredictable weather. Comment your favorite type of weather in the comments!