Day 5: The Countdown Series

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

Day 5:

What was your favorite/ most memorable moment from this school year?

Natalie a sophomore at Union said, “Listening to the marching band, I used to be a band student so it’s pretty memorable to hear them play, and going to the starlight parade.”

Olivia a sophomore at Union responded, “Probably, the football games. They’re just fun and everybody’s all hyped up.”

Payton a sophomore at Union similarly said, “At the very beginning of the year just going out to all the football games, it was just fun to hang out with friends and [get to] see all your friends outside of school for a little bit.”

Sammy a senior at Union replied, “I think turning in my graduation paper. Ya, that was probably my favorite moment. Now I don’t need to worry much anymore.”

Tacy a freshman at Union said, “I really liked being a part of the band. Going to football games and the Starlight Parade.”

Quinten a sophomore at Union said, “Doing the Starlight Parade with the marching band.”

Ace a sophomore at Union said, “My favorite memorable moment at the school was Friday at the theater awards. We all got to hang out with theater kids.”

Braden a sophomore at Union said, “My easy most memorable day of this year was the day before spring break. It was during lunch and we were sitting in front of the 300 building. It was a really nice day and the cherry blossoms were pink. It just felt nice.”

Jordan a freshman at Union said, “Probably going on the Seattle trip for choir or any moments with my friends.”

Caoiumhe a freshman at Union said, “All the football games and sports.”

The Review:

Most of the students enjoyed the football games and performances of the Union High School Band. Participating in extracurriculars seemed to bring students together and start a lot of friendships. Events like football games, parades, and dances bring a friendly and fun environment for students.