Grass Walking: Infamous or Famous

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

Many people know the terms infamous and famous. A clear definition of infamous would be, being well known for committing a bad action. Meanwhile, famous means the opposite, in full glory.

Students at Union Highschool have a constant unspoken rule: don’t walk across the courtyard grass. It is titled, grass walking. All of the pupils and teachers have thoughts on this subject. A popular account on Instagram called, ‘uhs_grasswalkers’ has over 500 followers and 400 posts. Every single one of the pictures on the account is of Union students walking on the courtyard grass. To address the situation interviews with students were taken.

An 11th grader who attends Cascadia and Union requested to remain anonymous. On the topic of grass walking, she stated, “I don’t think it’s that serious. Grass, in general, is a huge water waster and doesn’t produce that much oxygen.” However, later in the conversation, she said, “Also, it’s inconvenient that they don’t have a pathway to the 600.” On-campus we have many students trying to walk on the paths provided. So, for students in a rush, the grass is the easiest way to get to class.

To look into outside sources, Abigail, a 9th grader from HeLa who plays sports for Union, explained, “Grass walking I think is fine. There are designated pathways for people to walk on. But, on the other hand, it can be really hard when the pathways are really crowded; and you are just trying to get to your class as fast as you can. I’ve seen the Union campus and buildings are across from each other, it’s hard to get there within your passing time.” The student body is rather large, when trying to get to classes students tend to end up in jammed areas. The grass to some students provides a break from the packed spots in between buildings. A common condensed spot would be the three adjoining pathways by the 100 building.

Two other sources, Adrian and Nessa, who are 9th graders that play basketball for Union have a few things to say about the current grass walking situation. Adrian stated, “I don’t think people should walk on the grass, it’s very hurtful to our community.” Nessa went into the topic of how the social media page was involved with grass walking. Saying that,

“I tried not to be on the grass walking page, but I ended up on it.” Adrian agreed and said,

“I’d be trying to get to class, then… baam I’d end up on the [instagram] page.” Nessa also added,

“I had to unfollow the [instagram] page because they were posting so much.” The Instagram account has an impact on the student body, for it calls out students who grass walk.

By: Danny Bartlemay

However, what affects students more than their teachers? Mr. Conley, a 9th grade honors English teacher and coach to a Union basketball team voiced his opinion. He had a few things to say about the ongoing grass walking. He answered how he knew about grass walking, “There’s one teacher, in particular, Mr. Connor who consistently calls students out for grass walking. I know it from that.” Mr. Connor is also a teacher at Union high school who is good friends with Mr. Conley. Continuing, Mr. Conley gave his opinion on grass walking. He exclaimed, “I think that grass walking is a borderline criminal offense and that it should not be allowed here at Union. We have beautiful grass and for every step, they could change and alter the terrain and the geography here.” Union High School is a 6 building campus with two stories for 5 out of the 6 buildings. It is an architectural wonder to the community and visitors. To the students and staff, it’s important to keep the school in its best condition. He continued, “I saw a beautiful patch of grass one time, and the next day that patch was nearly gone, from all the walkers on the grass. We have such a great path here at Union. It’s so well done that I don’t understand why students would ruin it like that.” He further explained, “It’s important not to do it in my opinion. I think students need to be aware of both the dangers and ramifications.”

Mr. Conner, a math teacher at Union said, “I think grass walking is acceptable. People have been walking on grass for millions of years before we had this composite ground of gravel, pavement, or turf. The grass was it.” He concluded his thoughts, “I see my students walking across the grass all the time. And teachers like to take the shortest route possible. I believe people should be allowed to walk where they want to walk as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.”

In conclusion, grass walking is infamous and famous. At Union high school students find themselves mingling around the topic of grass walking. The different points of view add personality to the student body and aroma of Union high school. What about the student body? Does that student body think grass walking is infamous or famous? Comment a response below!