Behind the Counter of the Titan Cafe


Photo by Mateo Perez

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

To some, the Titan Cafe is just somewhere to get fun snacks, eat lunch, and hang out. But to the employees and the school, it’s much more. The Titan Cafe not only gives the students community, but it also warms them to the school’s dynamics. Thanks to an exclusive interview with Mrs. Gutierrez, or as her students call her, Ms. G, we can get an insider look at the store.

As the student store assistant, Mrs. G trains the students on how to work at the cafe. The employees at the store learn how to be a barista, manage the cashier, correctly handle food, and promote positive customer service. The equipment they use is the same as your local coffee shop joint. 

Photo by Mateo Perez

But what does the Titan Cafe do with the profits? Mrs. G shared, “When we start at the beginning of the school year, we have an allowance to use for purchasing. Throughout the year we pay that amount back through our daily store sales. The remaining profit is given to ASB and to the CTE program.” The Student Store is the #1 best-selling store in the district. With the profits, they generate helpful money for the student body. So, the next time students want a snack, they can go support their fellow students. 

Their menu is extensive, containing many options that many aren’t aware of. Out of all the options, Mrs. G said, “My favorite [item that we sell] is the pizza. It’s from Champs Pizza and we just started with them in the second semester last year. And they’re a really great company, they give back to the schools a lot. So, it was kinda a no-brainer to go with them. They supply us with really good pizza.” Their pizza is unique compared to the cafeteria pizza, freshly made from Champs with fresh cheese and an artisan crust. Slices are sold at $1.50 with both cash and card.

Photo by Mateo Perez

Recently, the cafe’s schedule changed – the cafe used to serve during passing time, but now they serve exclusively before school and during lunch. Due to this, products are changing in popularity. For context, in the 100 building, it was common to smell the warm scent of cookies on your way to class. But with the new schedule, the wafting smell of the lovely cookies sticks to me before school and during lunch. Mrs. G stated, “So, now when it comes to lunchtime it’s just pizza, smoothies, and cookies. Now that we’ve closed during the passing time we’re selling different items.” This is different from their most popular ones being mainly cookies and energizers. The Titan Cafe will have to compensate for this change with some new products. This is great considering that their main motto is, “We’re always coming up with new ideas!”

Check out the student store and follow them @titan_cafe_ on Instagram, where they post their latest products and behind-the-scenes shots. Also, keep your eye out for their next new drink – rumor has it that it’ll be related to the Titan Tribune.