The Danish String Quartet Leaves Students Starstruck

Raylen Satterwhite, Reporter and Web Design

The stardom of the Danish String Quartet was unspeakable on January 21st on Tuesday, a special treat for the musical students during finals week. Little did they know that they were going to get a free performance of the famed Danish String Quartet. This group formed in 2001 in Denmark after having met at a summer aristocratic music camp. They’ve been traveling the world performing their music. To treat the high school students in Vancouver, Washington to this was an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They have over 10.2 thousand followers on Instagram and are quite the attraction among the performing arts.

According to Siess, the orchestra constructor, the connection was formed in 2020. “They were here to perform the Friends of Chamber music and they have a whole concert series in Lincoln hall in Portland state. So for lots of the groups that come in, they will send groups out to explore and do some educational outreach. The woman who does that is actually a former student of mine. She was in the band at Mountain View as a flute player when I was there. So, she brought the Danish String Quartet over here in January 2020, and we had students from Evergreen, Mountain View, and HELA. So we had a pretty full auditorium at that time.”

After the performance, apparently, the group couldn’t stay away. Furthermore, Siess said, “When they were coming back, she, Jessica, reached out to me I think in May and said they would like to come back, because it was a nice audience, polite, and things were organized. A nice place to play, it was just a good experience for the Quartet. So, she reached out in May and said, ‘Could we do this again?'” And they did. Turn up the volume and check out a little bit of their performance:

The Danish String Quartet Performance