The Dinosaur Game: Blocked


Michael Mintz

Michael Mintz

The Wi-Fi goes out and students freeze. What shall they do? Relief welcomes the students as the dinosaur icon pops up ready for action. A simple game to stop the boredom. However, when the students go to click? Blocked. Students waste away in boredom until the internet connection comes back. The Dinosaur Game is blocked. Students of Union High School, voice their thoughts and complaints. 

Sophomore student, Vida says, “I think it’s something entertaining to wait for the wifi to get back up;” She follows up, “the Wi-Fi sucks right now and it’d be awesome to have [the dinosaur game] back up. I was so angry at the wifi this week.” The district computers tend to have issues with wifi once in a while. Students have nothing other to do besides sit and wait for everything to get back up and running. Moving on to the next student, things seem in perspective for Noah

Senior student Noah says, “It’s honestly kinda trash that the internet is out and I can’t play the game.” On a light note, “It wastes a lot of my time and it’s fun.” Our next student isn’t a huge computer game player.

An anonymous Senior student had never heard of the Dinosaur Game, “I don’t know [about the Dinosaur Game].  I don’t personally play games on my Chromebook. But, I don’t think it should necessarily be blocked. I think a lot of things are unnecessarily blocked.” A lot of students don’t know about the Dinosaur Game. However, many students enjoy it after they get a chance to play it. 

Two freshmen students, Anna and Bella enjoy playing the Dinosaur Game. Bella says, “It’s cool, I like it.” Anna agrees,

“I think it’s fun.” Bella follows up, 

“I wouldn’t say it’s distracting, I would say it’s very entertaining.” The game is truly meant to give you something to do when you have nothing else to do. 

Anna adds “Yes, it’s very entertaining. It’s nice to be able to do something when you are done with all of your work instead of going on your phone.” This is also true. Many students entertain themselves in some way when they aren’t doing school work. The Dinosaur Game is one of those things. They continue, “I think they should unblock it personally. I realize how it can be a distraction and I understand why they did it.” Bella nods in agreement. 

“There are other games that are available on the Chromebook.” Which is true! There are other games students entertain themselves with daily on the Chromebook

That’s the brief report on the dinosaur game. It is downloadable on the app store for your phone. Also, it is available as a chrome extension on your computer. These are a few ways to continue to enjoy the Dinosaur Game. Comment your high score below!