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The Student News Site of Union High School - WA

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FIDM Fashion Club at the club fair

Start Your Second Semester With These Clubs

Makayla Hartin, Reporter Feb 7, 2023

Union High School has many clubs. Some have been around since the start of the school in 2007, and some just started recently. Here are some clubs to consider starting off your second semester with that...

Student Petitions to Change i-Readys Future at Union

Student Petitions to Change i-Ready’s Future at Union

Gail Guisinger, Co-Editor in Chief Jan 25, 2023

Last Wednesday, Union students were instructed to take the i-Ready Diagnostic test for the second time this school year. As you’re probably familiar with, the test consists of two parts: the Reading...

Key Club Launches Into 2023 With 100+ Members

Key Club Launches Into 2023 With 100+ Members

Katrina Ramm, Editor in Chief Jan 12, 2023

Key Club: What is it? It is an international service organization organized by students for students. They have service/volunteer activities such as (local) food drives for food banks and,delivering letters...

Titans Prepare For Winter Break in Spirit Week Style!

Titans Prepare For Winter Break in Spirit Week Style!

Gail Guisinger, Aren Maas, and Danny Bartlemay Dec 21, 2022

Walking into every Union building during the week before winter break was like entering an explosion of festivity and anticipation. Students were showing their excitement for the upcoming respite from...

“Tracks” - One Heck of a Fun Ride!

“Tracks” – One Heck of a Fun Ride!

Jacob Markham, Reporter Dec 16, 2022

As many of you have probably seen or heard around the school, the Tracks play was just performed by our Union Theater club. Getting to go to the play was amazing, and it was so fun to see. To summarize...

Asking Titans: Whats Been the Best Part of Your Day So Far?

Asking Titans: What’s Been the Best Part of Your Day So Far?

Tamra Wegner and Jacob Markham Dec 8, 2022

Here at the Titan Tribune, we have interviewed several people about something quite wholesome - the best parts of their days! We received 21 diverse answers to our questions, ranging from ordinary to not-so-ordinary....

Interact club, 2021-2022 (Photo by Emily Lo)

Interact Club Celebrates Its Successes in World Interact Week

Gail Guisinger, Co-Editor in Chief Nov 21, 2022

Union’s Interact is a service club that volunteers at a variety of different events at both local and international levels. Interact isn’t just at Union, though — it’s part of a larger organization,...

By pxfuel

ARISE Club Needs Members!

Tamra Wegner, Reporter Nov 11, 2022

Union’s ARISE Club is in serious need of new members! To spread the word, I have interviewed the leader, Mrs. Robb, to provide information on it, for anyone who’d be interested. Here’s what she’s...

Image by Samer Daboul, via Pexels

Procrastinators of UHS

Tamra Wegner, Reporter Nov 9, 2022

Procrastinating. It’s something everyone has done at some point. Some do it more than others, but overall, it is admittedly very popular among the majority of us. To dive deeper into the subject, I’ve...

This years Miss(ter) Union organizers

Miss(ter) Union

Tamra Wegner, Reporter Nov 4, 2022

Beginning last year, a new project by National Honors Society was formed- the fabulous Miss(ter) Union! I decided to interview the current leader, Walker Law, for more information on it, and here’s what...

A Choral Night

A Choral Night

Emily Todd, Outreach Leader Oct 30, 2022

Hey Titans!! Did you make your way to Union’s choir concert on the 20th? If not, here is a quick read of our favorite parts and a look backstage! This concert was at 7 pm, right here in the Union...

Serene, unassuming puddle.

Have You Thought About Puddles?

Kayla Gorchels, Reporter Oct 5, 2022

We all have stepped in a puddle one time or another, and we all know that as soon as your foot is submerged even the slightest bit, your socks, shoes, and feet are absolutely soaked as if you stepped in...

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